Serving From A Place Of Experience

The b2b Simple team is led by Jake Estares, a sales veteran with nearly 20 years of expertise in consulting sales. Jake has built several businesses with dozens of employees and tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Having owned multiple businesses, Jake has a deep appreciation of the struggles of going from self-employed to being a business owner.

He realizes that it takes a lot of courage to go out on your own, and the last thing you want to do is swallow your pride and go back to work for someone else because you couldn’t keep new business coming in the door. See, the problem is that most small business owners in this situation start with one or two customers keeping them busy… for a time.

In fact, many are so busy providing service to their current client(s) that they aren’t lining up new clients… the kind that will force them to grow, and hire employees. Or maybe they’re spending countless hours at worthless networking or lead sharing events. In fact, business owners who don’t have a clear understanding of how to attract their ideal customers and win bigger deals in a predictable and consistent fashion are facing significant dry spells that will stunt the growth of their business… and income potential.

These cycles of feast or famine create massive financial stress at home. The panic of finding your next client or losing that game-changing deal can really bring negative outcomes to your life, affecting your health and impacting your relationships with your partner and kids… Further, many people in this situation are grossly underpaid for the value they bring to their clients and may find it difficult to enjoy family time or vacations because of the stress of living gig to gig.

In his career, Jake has learned how to navigate the complex b2b sale. He’s mastered an approach to compete against competitors much larger than him, often winning. He has seen too many individual consultants and small business owners fail or hit ceilings because of their lack of understanding of how to consistently attract new customers, fill the pipeline with bigger deals in bigger accounts, and win more often.

Understanding that the key to growing a sustainable services business depends on the ability to have an effective and consistent business development program, Jake has created programs to help struggling or average salespeople develop into rainmakers, individual consultants grow into legitimate business owners, and small business owners take their business to the next level, to establish more income and more freedom.